How I work

A project by any other name…

To a business manager, a writing project may appear to be intangible, insubstantial, even ethereal…but I believe a writing assignment is still a Project…and should be planned and managed like any other business development or construction project.

This means that any substantive writing project should have:

  • Written Objectives,
  • A Plan,
  • A Budget,
  • A Schedule,
  • Hard Deliverables, and
  • Status and progress reporting.

Because of this philosophy, many of my writing projects follow a pattern:

Step #1: Project Evaluation and Proposal

  • Define Objectives, Audience, Schedule, Budget, Client Manager
  • Deliver Proposal including project cost, deliverables, review approach
  • Obtain Proposal Approval

Step #2: Project Initiation

  • Perform research, interviews, data gathering as required
  • Prepare project outline or contents
  • Prepare initial section or deliverables
  • Client review and approval of initial section or deliverables

Step #3, #4: …: Project Development

  • Revise previous section
  • Prepare next section and submit for Review and Approval

Final Step: Project Completion

  • Delivery and Approval of Final revised deliverables

Of course, brief ads and simple assignments may follow an abbreviated approach while complex projects will involve many more steps. But simple or complex, I believe that you should expect a professional, structured approach to your writing project.


After consulting with you, I will provide you with a written, Fixed Price Proposal for your work project.

To estimate the cost of your project, I will make a number of assumptions. Changes to these assumptions may impact the cost of the project.

Sample Assumptions – Business Planning project:

  1. I will assume that you will provide market analysis and competitor information about your projected operations. If you want me to develop your market and competitive analysis, the cost will be significantly greater.
  2. I will create charts and graphs as required. I usually do not include development or acquisition of any photos or graphics.
  3. I will assume that you will provide financial information and projections as I request. I will format Plan financial projections and reports using your raw-data.
  4. I will assume that you want a Plan of about 25-35 pages.
  5. I will assume that the project will require me to do a limited level of research beyond what you provide.
  6. Intermediate and final manuscripts will be delivered in MS WORD format.
  7. Changes to the project scope or assumptions may decrease or increase your investment.

Other Considerations

  1. 1. Your project will be considered “work for hire” and the resulting materials will become your property upon full payment.
  2. My Business Plan projects are usually billed as follows:
    • 30% upon your approval to begin the project
    • 30% upon delivery of the outline and draft first chapter.
    • 20% upon delivery of the complete draft plan document
    • 10% upon completion of final revisions.
    • Non-Business Plan projects will be billed using similar terms.
  3. Invoices are payable upon receipt.
  4. I recommend payments using Paypal…
  5. All my work is guaranteed original.
  6. Final costs and schedules will be determined after consultation with you.

Next Steps…

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