Grants and Proposals

For nearly twenty years, I have:

• Created scores of grant requests, funding applications, financial projections, and business plans.
• Created Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) and full proposals for Foundation, Corporate, State, and Federal Grants, and
• Provided consulting services to non-profits and small-business business owners, helping them to organize and manage their planning and funding activities.

I will help you develop your Grant Application by performing your project in five steps…

Step 1 – Grant Search and Identification
Identify grant sources that are relevant to your goals and objectives, if you haven’t already done so.

Step 2 – Grant Outline and Information Checklist
Develop and prepare a Checklist of Information that I will require from you in order to prepare the Grant Application.

Step 3 — Grant Application Preparation
Create a draft Grant Application for your review. I will make your required revisions and provide you with a final Grant Application for your signature and submission to the Grant provider. This Grant Application will be carefully constructed to comply with the requirements of the Grant provider.

Step 4 – Grant Application Package
In addition to the Grant Application, I will prepare a draft Cover Letter and Attachments that, combined with the Application, will complete the Application Package.

Step 5 – Grant Application Submission
You will sign and submit the final Grant Application package and then follow-up with the funding source.

Interested? Then take a look at my experience and credentials and give me a call… I look forward to hearing from you