Your book idea… and my professional writing experience… a Winning Team!
Do you have a great book idea but just don’t have the time or experience to get it written? I can help.
For over twenty years, I’ve professionally written:

  • Fiction including historical, mystery, and fantasy,
  • Non-fiction including business, real estate, investing, and technology,
  • Self-help, how-to, college study guides, and
  • Memoirs.

Over the years, I have produced:

  • Publisher-ready manuscripts.
  • Marketing/Incentive e-books,
  • Commercial e-books, and
  • Internet copy

I will conduct your fiction or non-fiction book project in six steps:

  • Step 1 – Proposal: You and I will discuss your book, your ideas, your goals, the research and work you have completed, your budget, and your schedule. During these discussions, you and I will define how we will work together… you may have as much or as little involvement as you wish. Then I’ll send you a written Proposal that defines the Scope of the Project, the Cost, the Schedule, the Payment Terms, and more. And this step is totally FREE!
  • Step 2 – Information Gathering: After receiving your approval to proceed, I will review your existing materials and conduct the research necessary to help me understand your vision and create the book you want.
  • Step 3 – Outline Development: After studying your information and your responses to my questions, I will prepare a “draft” Outline of your Book, and a Summary of the Major Characters and submit them to you for review, discussion, and revision.
  • Step 4 – First Chapter: Upon your acceptance of the Outline, I will write and send you a draft of the first Chapter for your review. This draft Chapter will allow you to insure that the style, voice, and content of the Chapter are acceptable.
  • Step 5 – First Draft: Following our review of the First Chapter, I will proceed with development of the complete First Draft. I will deliver the first draft to you for your review.
  • Step 6 – Revised Drafts and Completion: After you have reviewed the complete first draft, I will make revisions at your direction and provide you with a second, revised Draft. I will then produce a Final Manuscript; formatted for submission to a publisher. Upon completion of this third revision, the project will be complete.

Check out my Sample Portfolio at Or take a look at my most recent publication… a short piece of historical fiction in Deep South Magazine
Then give me a call at 336 552-0548. We’ll discuss your situation and your book. . . and the consultation won’t cost you a penny.
Thanks for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you.
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