Business Plans

A Great Business Plan Can
Make All the Difference!

The Small Business Administration (SBA) tells us that a business is three to four times more likely to succeed if it has a business plan. Over 90% of startup firms that receive outside financing have Business Plans.

A great Business Plan addresses two critical business needs:

  • The Business Plan is an important “modeling tool”. In other words, the business planning process allows you to identify and resolve major business issues and threats, without risking a penny!
  • The Business Plan is your most important funding tool… whether you are talking to your bank lender or to outside investors, a good plan will get you the capital that you need.

Despite the importance of this tool, most Business Plans fail, usually for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Unrealistic objectives,
  • Unsubstantiated facts and projections,
  • Poorly thought-out business strategy,
  • Un-addressed competitive weaknesses, and
  • Inconsistent schedules and projections.

We will help you avoid these problems as we walk you through the Business Plan development process, step-by-step…

  • Step 1 – Project Proposal: After consulting with you, I will provide you with a written, Fixed Price Proposal for your work project and a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • Step 2 – Information Gathering: If you accept my proposal, I will ask you to provide me with materials that define your business concept, operating strategy, materials, objectives, and other information.
  • Step 3 – Plan Outline: I will prepare an outline of the proposed Business Plan. This Outline will include a detailed description of Financial Reports that will be integrated into the Plan. You will review and revise the Outline and Financial Reports.
  • Step 4 – First Section: I will prepare a “draft” of the first section of the Plan. This draft section will allow you to insure that the style, voice, and content are acceptable.
  • Step 5 – Plan Development: Upon your acceptance of the first section, I will proceed with development of the remaining sections of the Plan including the Financial Projections including;
    • Profit and Loss report (5 years)
    • Cash Flow report
    • Revenue Projections
    • Capital Budget,
    • And more…

    I will deliver each section to you for your review and revision.

  • Step 6 – Plan Revision and Completion: During this final Step, I will develop the Executive Summary portion of the plan and revise the rest of the document.

That’s it… and you won’t believe how inexpensive this process can be. So take a look at my experience and credentials and then give me a call… I look forward to hearing from you.