Financial Projections

The Biggest Financial Projection Mistake…

Unrealistic Projections and Expectations

People who read business plans are understandably skeptical… because they have seen promises and projections that are often unbelievable and frequently ridiculous. So the burden of proof is on you, the entrepreneur.

To help you, I will insure that all your financial projections meet certain critical criteria:

First, your statements will be grounded in VERIFIABLE fact… and I will cite and explain the sources.

Second, I will help you insure that your projections are consistent with industry averages and norms

Third, if your projections really are dramatically better than the norm, I will help you show very strong, hard evidence to support your position.

The foundation of every good plan, is a strong set of financial projections… So take a look at my experience and credentials and then give me a call… I look forward to hearing from you.