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A project by any other name…

To many business owners and managers, consulting projects appear to be intangible or insubstantial…but I believe a consulting assignment is still a Project…and should be planned and managed like any other business development or construction project.

This means that any substantive consulting project should have:

  • Written Objectives,
  • A Plan,
  • A Budget,
  • A Schedule,
  • Hard Deliverables, and
  • Status and progress reporting.

Because of this philosophy, many of my consulting projects follow a pattern:

Step #1: Project Evaluation and Proposal

  • Define Objectives, Schedule, Budget, Client Manager
  • Deliver Proposal including project cost, deliverables, review approach
  • Obtain Proposal Approval

Step #2: Project Initiation

  • Perform research, interviews, data gathering as required
  • Prepare project outline or contents
  • Prepare initial deliverables
  • Client review and approval of initial deliverables

Step #3: Project Development

  • Revise previous deliverables
  • Prepare next deliverables and submit for Review and Approval

Step #4 Final Step: Project Completion

  • Delivery and Approval of Final revised deliverables

Of course, simple consulting assignments may follow an abbreviated approach while complex projects will involve many more steps. But simple or complex, I believe that you should expect a professional, structured approach to your consulting project.

Pricing, Billing, and Terms

  1. On most projects, I will provide a Fixed Price Proposal, before beginning work.
  2. “Out of scope” work, requested and approved by the client, is usually billed at a standard hourly rate unless other arrangements are made.
  3. Occasionally, when a project cannot be well defined prior to starting, I will provide an hourly rate.
  4. I do not charge for regional travel time; I do charge for meetings and include such charges in my proposals; I do charge for major, client-approved expenses.
  5. Most projects are billed as follows:
    1. 1/3 at project initiation
    2. 1/3 upon delivery of first deliverables
    3. 1/3 upon delivery of final deliverables
    4. Larger projects may be billed monthly.
  6. Invoices are payable upon submission.
  7. The specific pricing and billing terms for a project will always be defined in the Proposal.

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