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Michael Leonard and Company

Michael Leonard and Company has over twenty years of business and financial consulting experience. As a representative of some of the most respected and experienced funding sources in the industry, we can handle your leasing or finaning deals from $10,000 to $50 million… and we can save you time, money, and brain-damage on your next equipment purchase or lease because…

Boardroom or Basement start-up… I’ve been there!

I understand the REAL needs of your business… ! 

I’ve managed corporate subsidiaries with hundreds of employees and multi-million dollar budgets… and I’ve worked alone in my basement. 

As a consultant with a Washington consulting firm, I managed multi-million dollar projects for clients like Freddie Mac, Exxon, Beatrice Foods, General Mills, Samsonite Luggage, The Kennedy Center, Pulte Home Corp, and more.

I have written, lectured, trained, and coached entrepreneurs and corporate executives and I have addressed major business events across the country, including:

  • IBM’s “New Business Development College” (Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Tampa, Detroit)
  • “Greening the Bottom Line” – EPA and Dept of Commerce (Denver)
  • “Hi Tech Textiles” international trade show (Greenville, SC)
  • “Costing Systems”, NAHB National Trade Show (Atlanta)
    …and many more!

I’ve been there! I’ve seen what works… and what doesn’t. And I will be there when you need me… to insure that your leasing transaction is on time, on budget, and on target!

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Applying for an equipment lease or one of our other financing programs is:

  • Fast and
  • Easy, and
  • Won’t cost you anything!

Just follow these five simple steps:

  1. Pick out the equipment you need and get a written proposal or quote from your vendor.
  2. Call or email me at

    336 552-0548 or
  3. I’ll send you a one page application form and call you to help put together any other information that will help get your application approved as quickly as possible.
  4. When I have your completed application and supporting information, I’ll submit the package for review and approval.
  5. Your approval will usually be available within 24-48 hours… then you simply sign the lease and schedule the installation of your equipment.

That’s all there is to it… click below for more detailed information about the application process…

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