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Increase Your Equipment Sales

As an Equipment Sales Professional, you probably know that Leasing is one of your most powerful tools for increasing both the number and the size of your equipment sales transactions.

And if you are already using an “in-house” or outside leasing organization, you know that all leasing companies are NOT the same…

In fact, we can offer some very real advantages to YOU and to your CUSTOMERS…

Advantages to You…

  • Wide Range of Credit Approvals – Nothing is more frustrating than closing a sale, only to lose it when credit is denied. Few leasing companies can match our wide range of credit programs… programs that will result in more credit Approvals and fewer Credit Lost Deals.
  • Faster payment – No more “the check is in the mail”… we’ll pay you by ACH, directly to your bank account, within 24 hours.
  • Up-sell opportunities – With leasing, you can move your customers emotionally from “sticker shock” at the cash price… to relief at the monthly lease payment… You’ll be amazed how often they start thinking about upgrades, add-ons, and increased quantities.
  • Pre-funding opportunities – In some cases, you may need to be paid, not upon installation, but perhaps even before fabrication of your product… With prior approval, we can usually accommodate your needs and get you paid “up front”.
  • Fast transaction approval and turn-around – Usually, we can get credit approval in 24 hours… and we can finalize most deals in just a few days… no more waiting and wondering.
  • New and Start-up Businesses – Often, the customers that need your equipment the most, are those least able to afford or finance it… new or start-up businesses. We have special programs that can get many of these promising prospects (0-2 year old businesses) approved.
  • Difficult or Unusual Equipment – Anybody can lease trucks or office furniture… but we have years of experience leasing difficult and unusual and high tech equipment, as well.
  • Fast Processing of Transactions – We are technology-enabled to electronically transfer documents that expedite the sales process at its most critical stage, the closing.
  • Training for your Sales Staff – Using Leasing to Increase Sales – We can provide training and sales aids that will help your sales staff use leasing to close more deals and sell more product.
  • Leasing support – If you or your customers have questions or concerns, we’ll be there to help. If you wish, just submit your prospect’s name and phone number and we will do the rest. We want to make your job of selling equipment easier, so we’ll work directly with your sales staff or prospects to deal with the sensitive issues of credit and applications.

Advantages to your Customer…

  • Little or no cash requirements– Large companies and small… most companies today are anxious to conserve their cash… and no financing program requires less cash than leasing.
  • Wide Range of Acceptable Credit – We have special credit programs that allow us to routinely lease to customers that are “turned down” by others, including:
    •   Start-up businesses
    •   Prior bankruptcies
    •   Prior credit problems
  • Flexible payment terms – Many companies have seasonal sales cycles… imagine offering them lower payments or even payment holidays during their “slow season”.
  • Wide transaction range – $10,000 to $50 million – You are unlikely to find a client whose deal is too big for us to handle.
  • Low cost – Our costs are based on the credit status of the client, allowing us to provide the lowest possible rates to each of your customers. To prove it, we’ll prepare a No-Obligation Proposal for your client that will clearly outline the monthly lease payments and all other costs. There is no better way to prove just how inexpensive leasing can be.
  • Simple process – For transactions up to $75,000 or more, we require only a simple one-page application for full Approval. Larger transactions can be completed with a fraction of the work and brain-damage of a bank loan.

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Phone us at: (336) 552-0548

Vendor Application …

Applying for our Approved Vendor Program is:

  • Fast and
  • Easy, and
  • Won’t cost you anything!

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Call or email me at
    336 552-0548 or
  2. I’ll email you a simple one page application form and help you fill it out.
  3. We will also complete the lease applications for one or more of your prospective customers.
  4. When I have your completed applications, I’ll submit them for review and approval.
  5. Your approvals will usually be available within 24 hours…
  6. Once you and your customers are approved, then your customer simply signs the lease and schedules the installation of their equipment.
  7. And if you or your customers ever have any questions about leasing, I’ll be just a phone call away to help you close the sale.

That’s all there is to it… just click or call to get started… 
 (336) 552-0548

Our most popular equipment leasing requests include:

  •  Restaurant equipment leasing
  •  Heavy equipment leasing
  •  Medical equipment leasing
  •  Computer equipment leasing
  •  Equipment financing
  •  Office furniture leasing
  •  Fitness equipment leasing
  •  Dental equipment leasing
  •  Farm equipment leasing
  •  Construction equipment leasing
  • Aircraft Leasing