Training & Workshop Services

Michael Leonard and Company provides two types of business training services:

  • Public Seminars & Workshops – These programs are periodically scheduled and are available to the public.  Seminars may run from 2 hours to several days in length and cover a wide variety of relevant and in-demand business topics including:
    • Small Business and Entrepreneurial programs,
    • Leadership, planning, and Management topics, and
    • Internet Business subjects.
    • Click here to learn more about Public Seminars and Workshops.
  • Custom Training programs – We can work with you and your staff to modify existing programs to reflect your specific business needs… or we will develop new programs, carefully designed to address your unique training requirements.  Click here to learn more about Custom Training Programs.

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The talk on the street…

There are lots of seminars and workshops available these days… Some are terrific… some are a waste of time. Now, I can tell you a lot about us and our programs, but I’ve found that the BEST way to evaluate a seminar, is to talk to people who have invested their precious time and hard-earned money to attend. So here are just a few of the comments we’ve heard…. if you want to contact some of these people, just let me know!


“You’re awesome and THANK YOU!” Adriene Greenup

“…you are an exceptional teacher.” Lynn Wilkinson

“You were an EXCELLENT instructor.  It has to be one of the most challenging tasks in the world to acquire and maintain the attention of a room full of adults (who already have families and jobs to worry about)” Susan Passmore

“Few times in my life have I had a teacher who has the ability to impart knowledge in such a subtle way that I feel educated without the turmoil of learning dates and facts that have no seemingly appreciable connection to the real world.  I had a teacher over two decades ago in high school and a couple in college that made lasting impressions on me, but you are by far the best instructor of any kind I have ever had.  You made some of the driest material at the very least, interesting, and at the very most, exciting and entertaining.  Thank you so much.” Kristy Weeks

“I think you do an excellent class and you keep people motivated. Excellent job.” Line Clark

“You do a wonderful job.  Thank you for making it as easy as possible to learn.” Larry York

“I have been wanting to send a “thanks” to you not only for the study materials but for your outstanding teaching technique!  I am confident it was your instruction that insured my passing grade.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to rely solely on my ability to find time to study. Thanks again & Have a wonderful summer,” Annette Cole

“You are a wonderful instructor. You have a good way of explaining that is the easy part. Class actually passes by fast without being boring.” Silvana Rose

“Mike, your classes are great……you run a tight ship with a great storehouse of knowledge to share…………..your presentations are well planned and organized, and you get down to the “brass tacks”……..I enjoyed two classes with you this month…………….” Lil

100% Guarantee

We truly believe that you will find our programs are filled with valuable information, great tips, techniques that really work, and unique tools and work aids.

But if you are unhappy with the content of one of our programs, just let me know. I’ll personally see that you get your money back…
I guarantee it!