Receivables Factoring

Cash flow is a problem for most businesses. In fact, it’s the most common reason why businesses fail. Receivables often just don’t come in fast enough to meet cash flow needs. 

Factoring is a simple, cost effective solution for your cash flow needs. Factoring is not a loan… it is the purchase of Accounts Receivable at a discount. Companies factor their invoices for a number of reasons:  

  • The “Growth” Factor – The Company has growth opportunities and needs cash for working capital.  
  • The “Time” Factor – The Company is in a transitional period and needs working capital to buy time for turnaround measures to be implemented and take effect.

 Factoring Benefits  
Factoring enables businesses to maximize their cash flow by immediately receiving funds for their receivables. The process is simple…

  • We PURCHASE (not a loan) your open invoices, enabling you to immediately get the majority of your money, that was tied up in accounts receivable (generally 80% or higher).    
  • We then go to work to ensure these invoices are collected in a timely manner.
  • The reserve (20% minus our small fees) goes back to you, invoice-by-invoice, on a weekly basis. Easy and Simple.

In essence, you out-source your credit and collection department. In doing so, you not only get your money more quickly but you realize many other benefits as well:   

1) Credit Investigation: Provides a safety net, minimizing the risk of doing business with slow-pay or no-pay customers. With risk management, losses are minimized  
2) Invoice Ledgering & Accounting: We provide you with full accounting of all activities done on your behalf with a simple ledger that can be downloaded from our secure factoring web site directly into your accounting software, thus reducing accounting cost.
3) Immediate Funding: Typically 80% of the invoice value is available in as little as 24 hours of invoicing.
4) Follow-up & Collections: We follow up on invoices to insure timely payments, which reduce personnel and factoring costs.  
5) Aging & Other Reporting: State of the art, 24/7 reporting on our customized, secure factoring web site.  

We’re an ideal silent partner that provides you with capital, so you can run your business your way. Our success comes through years of financial experience. 

With 30 years of financial experience, we serve a variety of industries and companies of all shapes and sizes, and we want to serve you.

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