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How equipment leasing works…

If you need to acquire expensive business or industrial equipment, Leasing is a powerful tool…a tool that can get you the equipment you need AND allow you to retain your precious cash resources. Here’s how leasing works…

Tom needs a new hydraulic press… the machine is critical to his operation but it costs $200,000.

Tom could pay cash for the machine… cash is fast, simple, and clean… but for Tom’s company, that $200,000 would then be GONE… and that’s a lot of cash that Tom could have used to operate and grow his company.

Or, Tom could get a bank loan,,, but he will still need cash of $40,000 or more for a down payment and these days, just qualifying for a bank loan can be difficult.

So Tom decides to lease his equipment. Here’s what he does:

  • He finds the equipment he needs, from a vendor he trusts,
  • He then chooses an experienced, reputable leasing firm (like us),
  • Tom submits a simple application to the leasing firm and is quickly approved,
  • The leasing firm buys the equipment for Tom and has it delivered to his site,
  • Upon delivery of the equipment, the leasing company pays the agreed upon purchase price to the equipment vendor,
  • Tom makes monthly lease payments for the term of the lease.
  • Tom’s initial out-of-pocket cash may be one lease payment of about $4700 and some small fees (or even less)… a lot less painful than a $200,000 cash price or a $40,000+ loan down payment…

Why lease from us…
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Quick Application …

Applying for an equipment lease or one of our other financing programs is:

  • Fast and
  • Easy, and
  • Won’t cost you anything!

Just follow these five simple steps:

  1. Pick out the equipment you need and get a written proposal or quote from your vendor.
  2. Call or email me at

    336 552-0548 or
  3. I’ll send you a one page application form and call you to help put together any other information that will help get your application approved as quickly as possible.
  4. When I have your completed application and supporting information, I’ll submit the package for review and approval.
  5. Your approval will usually be available within 24-48 hours… then you simply sign the lease and schedule the installation of your equipment.

That’s all there is to it… click below for more detailed information about the application process…

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