Financial Services

Equipment Leasing Services

Need new business or manufacturing equipment?

Pick out the equipment you need from your favorite vendor… we’ll buy it and lease it back to you.  No down-payment, no bank loan, no A Credit Rating required.  Approval is usually within 24-48 hours.

We can provide $10,000 to $50 million for:

  • Aircraft leasing
  • Medical and Dental equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Restaurant and Bakery equipment
  • Construction and other Heavy equipment
  • Office Furniture
  • Computer hardware, software, and communications systems
  • Truck, trailer, and transportaion systems
  • …and just about any other type of equipment that you might need.

We even have special leasing programs for:

  • Municipalites (State, County, City)
  • Hospital, Universities, and Community Colleges
  • Churches

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Other Financial Services

In addition to Equipment Leasing, we can help you with a number of other, critical business financing solutions including:

Working Capital Financing

Need short term funding for payroll or company growth? We specialize in fast, easy programs to get you short-term cash, when you need it.

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Franchise Financing

Opening a new location or starting a new franchise? We have a special program to help you conserve your precious working capital and help get started on your road to success.

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Receivables Factoring

Don’t sit on your invoices for weeks or months, waiting for payment. You need that cash now and we can help with our Receivables Factoring programs.

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If you’ve recently purchased expensive equipment, you can have that equipment AND still have access to all that purchase capital… just take a look at our Sale/Lease-back programs.

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