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Mike Leonard

Boardroom or basement start-up… 

Mike Leonard has been there!

Mike Leonard understands the Real needs of your business… because he has been there!  

He managed corporate subsidiaries with hundreds of employees and multi-million dollar budgets… and he worked alone in his basement. He’s sold businesses, real estate, software… and he’s sold books, sandwiches, and cooking gear. 

He consulted to some of the largest and most famous (and infamous) companies in America… he raised millions in venture capital for start-ups… and he started six businesses of his own.  Over the years, most of his businesses have succeeded and a couple have failed…

As a Principal with an internationally respected Washington consulting firm, he managed multi-million dollar projects for clients like Freddie Mac, Exxon, Beatrice Foods, General Mills, and The City of New York.

As President of his own firm, he extended his customer base to such diverse clients as The Kennedy Center, Samsonite Corp., and construction giant Pulte Home Corp. 

In addition, he personally owned and operated a variety of small businesses…a computer software company, a multi-office real estate brokerage firm, a business development consulting practice, and a sales training company.

He has written, lectured, trained, and coached entrepreneurs and small business operators as well as corporate executives…including a 12 month engagement providing sales and marketing consulting and training to 20 start-up firms at the Boulder (CO.) High Technology Incubator.  In addition, he trained and counseled over 6,000 real estate brokers and students.

He has been invited to speak at major business events across the country, including:

  • IBM’s “New Business Development College” (Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis)
  • “Greening the Bottom Line” seminar sponsored by EPA and Dept of Commerce (Denver)
  • “Hi Tech Textiles” international trade show (Greenville, SC)
  • “Break-out session”, NAHB National Trade Show (Atlanta)
  • “Business to Business” seminars with IBM (Washington DC, Tampa, Detroit)
  • …and many more!

And he’s written numerous business articles, newsletters, a weekly newspaper column titled ”The Real Estate Corner”, and even hosted a weekly radio talk show by the same name.

Mike’s industry expertise includes technology, real estate, finance, construction, manufacturing, textiles, and energy.  His experience in sales, marketing, new business development, information systems, planning, and management is now focused on helping others succeed.

Mike Leonard has been there… he has seen what works… and what doesn’t…What he has to say is REAL… talk to him… you’ll see! 

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