Construction and Heavy Equipment Leasing

As a leading heavy equipment leasing company, we offer leasing programs for fork lifts, warehousing, construction and material handling equipment. We have over 30 years of heavy equipment leasing experience.

With our quick and easy credit approval process, flexible payment options, knowledgeable personnel and support staff, we offer the financial services and programs that you need.

We can structure innovative heavy equipment leasing financing programs for the acquisition of a wide variety of construction and material handling equipment including forklifts, warehousing systems, office equipment and furniture.

With other companies, many lease applications are declined because the credit manager does not understand the customer’s business, or past credit history. Not so, with us! We’re here for you every step of the way from application to delivery and anytime thereafter.

Our equipment leases are:

  • Little or No Cash – our leases are usually No Down Payment. At most, you will pay 0-1 payment and some small fees upfront
  • Fast – with approval usually within 24 hours, the fastest approval rates in the industry,
  • Simple – usually, only a single page application is required
  • Inexpensive – we’ll provide you with a written, No-Obligation Proposal to prove our point,
  • Flexible – we’ll give you the ability to buy the equipment at lease-end or update your equipment as your needs change… , and
  • Specific – You choose the equipment… You choose the vendor… Then we’ll buy the equipment you want and lease it back to you… it’s Simple!

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Quick Application …

Applying for an equipment lease or one of our other financing programs is:

  • Fast and
  • Easy, and
  • Won’t cost you anything!

Just follow these five simple steps:

  1. Pick out the equipment you need and get a written proposal or quote from your vendor.
  2. Call or email me at

    336 552-0548 or
  3. I’ll send you a one page application form and call you to help put together any other information that will help get your application approved as quickly as possible.
  4. When I have your completed application and supporting information, I’ll submit the package for review and approval.
  5. Your approval will usually be available within 24-48 hours… then you simply sign the lease and schedule the installation of your equipment.

That’s all there is to it… click below for more detailed information about the application process…

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