Custom Training

Custom Training

Rapid Course Development and Delivery

Many business owners and managers have a low opinion of custom training. Time after time, they have seen custom training programs fall into one of two catrgories:

  • A “quick and dirty” program created by slapping together some PowerPoint slides and printing up some handouts …or
  • A major project that gobbled up months of time and thousands of dollars, only to produce an inflexible or ineffective training program.

At Michael Leonard and Company, we know that:

  • Some training projects require (and can justify) months of development and 5 or 6 digit development budgets…and there are some fine training development companies that can help you with these projects.
  • But we also know that many of the most important training programs are needed, not in months, but in weeks or even days…
  • We know that the impact of some of these short, immediate training programs, can be spectacular, and
  • We know that, due to scheduling or resource issues, these programs are often not undertaken… and major opportunities are lost!

And that’s where we come in… we specialize in the Rapid Development and Deployment of business and industrial training programs.

To meet your compressed deadlines (and compressed budgets), we typically follow an accelerated development process that includes the following steps:

1. Rapid Development Plan – Working with you, we will quickly define the Target Audience, Training Objectives, a Timeline, a Budget, and a Training Strategy. In many cases, we will perform this step at NO cost to you.

2. Information Collection – We will collect and organize the information necessary to develop the training program, working closely with you and your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

3. Program Outline – We will prepare for your review, a detailed outline of the training program including segment content, participation exercises, and materials.

4. Segment Prototype Development – We will prepare a portion or segment of the training program for your review and revision. This will allow you to insure that you are comfortable with the content, “the look and feel”, teaching style, and effectiveness before the entire program is developed.

5. Program Development complete – Incorporating your revisions and changes, we will complete development of the Program and materials.

6. Program Test and Revision – We will work with you to review and test the program prior to full release. We will make revisions based on the test results.

7. Pilot Distribution or Presentation – In many cases, you may want to release the training program to a small portion of the audience prior to full release. If so, we will make revisions based on the Pilot results.

8. Program Distribution, or Presentation, or Train-the-Trainer – Depending on your needs, the new program distribution could fall into one of several categories:

  • In-House Presentation – in this case, we would train your in-house trainers,
  • MLCo Presentation – you may wish to have Michael Leonard and Company actually deliver the program,
  • Remote distribution – in this case,we would assist you in sending materials or delivering the program on the Internet

That’s it… your new training program will be complete and working for you...

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