“Foreclosures and Short-sales”

Everything you need to know
to invest in foreclosures in N.C.

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9:AM – 4:PM

$99 Pre-registration
$139 at the door

Who should attend:

  • Real Estate Investors
  • Real Estate brokers
  • Home Buyers
  • Anyone interested in foreclosed property


Whether you are a broker, an investor, or a cost-conscious homebuyer, foreclosures and short-sales are two of the most important factors in today’s real estate world. 

This powerful, new seminar,
will give you the simple, effective tools you need to…

  • Evaluate each deal to find the “gems” and avoid the traps,
  • Make Foreclosure purchases without spending huge amounts of time or money, and
  • Make great Deals… week after week, month after month, year after year!

Here’s what you’ll learn;

  • Eleven Steps to buying Foreclosures at Auction,
  • Five steps to buying a Short-sale,
  • Six great new checklists and worksheets,
  • And much, much more!

Here’s the bottom line, if you follow the fast, simple, inexpensive techniques in this class, you WILL find profitable Foreclosure deals…


  • What you need to know…
    • The NC Mortgage Process
      • Lien theory vs. Title Theory (NC)
      • Lien Priority – Who gets paid… and when
    • The NC Foreclosure Process
      • Types of Foreclosure
      • What motivates the lender
      • Three Phases of Foreclosure
      • Pre-foreclose – Step by step…
      • Pre-foreclosure – Short-sales and “Subject to…” purchasing
      • The Auction – Step by step…
      • The Auction – Following the Money
      • The Auction – The Big risks
      • Post-foreclosure – REOs
      • Post-foreclosure – HUD, FHA, and VA
  • What you need to do…
    • Before you buy…
      • Your Goals
      • The Support Team
      • Valuing Real Estate
    • Foreclosure “Strike Points”
      • Pre-foreclosure
        • Buying Pre-foreclosure
        • Buying a Short-sale
        • Buying “Subject to…” Assumption
      • Auction
        • Buying at Auction
      • Post-foreclosure
        • Buying an REO
        • Buying HUD or VA properties
    • Next Steps


  • Seminar Workbook
  • Handouts:
    • Property Investment Objectives Worksheet
    • Support team Checklist
    • Property Features Worksheet
    • Fix-up Cost Worksheet
    • Property Valuation Worksheet
    • Short-sale Checklist
    • Foreclosure Link List

Guarantee: 100% guarantee

Presenter: Mike Leonard

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